Tantra massage in naples florida-Tantra Healer Florida by Lourdes Starshower

Mainly when joined together with Shakti Tantra the keyword "stress relief" can seem like an understatement. A veteran well practiced therapist in Naples FL may be exactly what you need to get things back into perspective. In Naples Florida a Tantric Massage is the initial step on a very unique quest of self knowledge. By utilizing aromatic oils and tickling your sensory imagery the specialist will lead the way. You only chill out and cherish the experience.

Tantra massage in naples florida

Tantra massage in naples florida

He doesn't im room for the all-inclusiveness of the female. Women need to share from their lighter side, not Tantra massage in naples florida darker side. Our human species exists everywhere in the universe. Acknowledge it. I have been fortunate to participate in the sexual lifestyle for many years, but at the same time I studied, read and experienced ascended master consciousness.

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Massage Tantra massage in naples florida Tantfa Change Location. Albany Buffalo New York City. Mainly when joined together with Shakti Tantra the keyword "stress relief" can seem like an understatement. I really cant Iframe scroll down bottom it, you have to experience it for yourself! Shakti Tantra has been used for medical purposes for a very long time. In floirda Naples Florida practice sessions we present exact recommendations for shakti tantra through tantric massage routines. Your warm, Sensual Goddess and passionate companion! Allowing you to surrender to the goddess in a state of bliss. Tantric Rituals. I Believe Orgasm is Tantra massage in naples florida vital distinction between Tantric culture and other mystical teachings is that it has a different journey to self fulfilment. Welcome to my magical, mystical world of bliss! Lourdes Starshower: Tantric Massage in Naples FL may appear uncommon to many people floirda in truth it is in accordance with some of the earliest teachings in Far eastern worship. Beautiful Yab Yum.

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  • Ancient Eastern societies believed that each individual was the earthly manifestation of the God and Goddess.
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Instead of giving credit to a particular ascended master for the many dictations I have been getting over the years, I am supposed to OWN the wisdom for myself. Whatever I become aware of is MY intelligence in a process of recognition.

I have been giving my power away thinking the words came from someone else. I did not recognize my own enlightenment process. God is one's higher self blending with lower self. And there's a higher self beyond that, and another higher self and another and another, on into infinity. God is growing itself through the many parts. God is evolving. There is no end to God. There is only a process of unfolding. God is not a thing to chase down and discover. Rather, it's a process of recognition.

God is the ascended masters, God is the galactics, God is our loved ones who died, God is the angelics, God is the tree, the vegetable, the animal, the insect, the stone, the air, the water. God is the many parts. God is everything. God is you. God is me.

God is awareness, intelligence, wisdom. God is lighting up the world. God is your ex-wives and my ex-husbands. God is space. God is time. God is the sun, the moon, the planets, the extraterrestrials. Not different but the same. I am recognizing this. God is not separate. God is not a "thing". God cannot be owned, one becomes God through the process of elimination of what is wrong.

God is a process of evolving. God is the evil evolving into good. The Buddhists don't use the word "God" because then it would become something outside of oneself, set apart, a separation, a difference. God is self. God is soul seeking its father and mother.

Today I sense familiarity, I sense family. I'm moving closer. God is not separate and apart. I am not ready to say I am God and I am everywhere. Love and light are synonymous. Light is masculine, love is feminine.

They are one and the same. Those who suck on your power, drain you so you are fatigued beyond understanding and you don't know why.

Your movies call them vampires. They feed off others and do not give anything in return. They are not evil, they are idiots for they have given their power away and have nothing left. So they are now mindless creatures who are ignorant about how life works. They do not know how to build up light and love in themselves.

They gave their power away by depending upon others for their food source, their fuel source, when they should have built up their own supply. By giving up their power and becoming dependent on others they have become dark. Do not be like them. Do not give your light away. When you are fatigued in the presence of such a one, walk away.

Find an excuse. Any excuse or simply get up and leave. Hang up the phone. You have built up your own light for yourself. Do not give it away. Give them instruction instead on how to build their own light. Give them instruction only when you are ready. Wait until you are inspired with a thought on how to give them instruction. Meditate until you are clear. Meditate and build up your own light. Wait until you feel the stirring of brightness and excitement. Wait until your higher self inspires you.

Then you will know how to give instruction to those who steal your power. When you are centered you will be able to give the best instruction. They do not want to do the work themselves and would rather steal it from others, so you must be discerning. Use the appropriate method to turn their sucking back onto themselves.

Do not be food for zombies. That is the greatest expression of love that you can give: to turn back the sucking onto themselves. Let them see what they are doing. Give them a lesson in how to build their own light and stop stealing it. Light is endowed in every one who is walking, even the dark ones. Even the walking dead, as some like to call the ignorant and mindless ones. Because nothing can exist without the spark of creator within. Light is hidden in the dark and so it must be uncovered and activated.

It may be denied and some minds may be wiped clean by sophisticated weapons. But there is a spark within that is a spark of creator. Blow on it. Do not let the light go out, is the message from the sun, do not let the light go out but send it home again. Blow on that light again and again until it bursts into flame and burns through the veil of darkness and confusion that clouds judgment and vision. Everything has light in it, even the stones and the waters and the trees.

Darkness awaits the light but it has to be blown on from within. Self-focus, self recognition, self-appreciation, self-love, self-discernment and self-empowerment. Meditation and prayer is the road to spiritual recovery.

Spending time alone with ones higher self, focusing on love and light and raising ones voice in prayer, song, praise, gratitude and love. It is through the use of sacred intention and sacred sounds that forms the sacred science of life. It is the creator, in you.

Love and light is awareness - clear, untainted awareness - uplifting, clean and bright. It is where all knowledge comes from and all inspiration. Blow on this spark of love and light within your heart and you are growing your own enlightenment.

Meditate every day for 15 minutes and your higher self will infiltrate your awareness, through your body, emotions, mind and spirit. It melts away the urge to do violence. Fuel the flame in yourself with deep breathing and with sacred words. Give your attention to your SELF, not to those who would steal your attention. Your confusion will disappear. Answers will come surprisingly easy. It is a proven method. Your desire to live will push back the darkness and confusion like a solitary blade of grass pushes aside the concrete in the cement sidewalk.

Pay attention to the ember that glows red in the darkness.

Tantra Naples. Just tap on our menu. I felt as if I was floating on a cloud, with my entire body relaxed. Limitless Boundaries, Infinite Possibilities The Sanskrit word Namaste na-ma-stay exemplifies this concept.

Tantra massage in naples florida

Tantra massage in naples florida

Tantra massage in naples florida. Local Massage


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Lourdes Starshower: Are you willing to have your relationships be a pathway to fully revealing yourself and your potential? If your answer is yes, real intimacy can be yours on a daily basis. I awaken and restore women, coach and empower gentlemen; counsel, reconnect and ignite couples.

Our sensuality and sexuality are at the core of who we are, and what we attract and allow into our lives. I specialize in helping individuals and couples actualize their divine ecstatic sexual and spiritual potential.

Transformational sessions are unique to you. My work is sensitive and intuitive, suitable for anyone over 18 including people living with disabilities, on a one-time or on-going basis. Tantra is a philosophy that contains an enormous Love and respect for all living things, including respecting the sensual and sexual nature of human life.

Tantra reintegrates our sexuality with our heart and spirituality, enriching our ability to Love our partners, our families, our communities, and ourselves. Lourdes Starshower. I am known for my warm, intelligent, open hearted, sassy approach to emotional healing and erotic and spiritual awakening. Thank you for visiting "www. Oops, there was an error sending your message.

Please try again later. It's ultimately about living bliss and not just feeling it. This vibration translates into consistently feeling unconditional love for all people and things, which is why it can be called living bliss. In sacred sexuality, all aspects physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual of your being are utilized to arouse the fullest experience possible.

With increased depth and sacredness, it becomes easier to open your heart and allow your partner into the sacred spaces of your soul. Then sexual ecstasy occurs at the point when your bodies are merging with spirit, as you disappear as individuals and become one with everything.

Sacred sexuality offers an expansive experience based on mutual love, acceptance, and authenticity. Sacred sexuality allows you to deepen pleasure, expand orgasms, and broaden your ideas of pleasuring beyond intercourse. It also deepens the purpose of lovemaking beyond bodily connection to include joining emotionally and spiritually with your partner.

With a willingness to bring your higher self heart and soul to the sharing of your emotions and body, you reach new levels of Divine Presence. As you can read in my testimonials, I am known for my warm, loving approach and ability to transmit the principles of Tantra to help you achieve deeper intimacy, pleasure and high ecstasy These Videos have been developed over years of successful work with singles and couples in my private practice.

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Tantra massage in naples florida

Tantra massage in naples florida