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The Governor, insisting his wife was merely jealous, had himself released by firing hospital administrators. One of 11 children, Blaze Starr was born Fannie Belle Fleming and grew up in little Newground Hollow in the hills of West Virginia, 50 miles from the nearest high school. She left home at 14, beginning an educational odyssey both lengthy and varied. Now 57, she gave up striptease five years ago and lives in Carroll County, Md. She spoke with correspondent Margie Bonnett Sellinger.

Shaved basal cell carcinoma. Superficial Basal Cell Carcinoma

METHODS: Our realization of no residual BCC findings after excision in some patients with biopsy-proven BCC diagnosed through a shave biopsy prompted us to conduct a retrospective study of all consecutive patients with BCCs who were treated in our department between and All patients with incompletely excised BCCs after shave biopsy diagnosis were operated on by a single surgeon R. Patient demographics, initial BCC site, size, subtype, duration between shave biopsy and surgery, size of excision, findings of intraoperative frozen section analysis, type of closure technique, and final pathology reports were analyzed. Eighteen BCCs were treated with excision and primary closure. Flap procedure was performed in 64 BCCs after excision.

Gay and lesbian harassment articles. Introduction

Credit: Alamy. Nearly one-third of physical scientists from sexual and gender minorities in the United Kingdom have considered leaving their jobs because of their workplace climate, suggests a survey. Language — such as derogatory use of the word gay — harmful humour and people using the wrong pronouns were some of the factors that created an unwelcoming climate. The report brings much-needed data to an area in which research is scarce, and comes as the academic community grapples with endemic discrimination against and exclusion of minority communities. The survey is crucial as a benchmark against which to monitor progress, says astrophysicist Alfredo Carpineti, who co-founded UK campaign organization Pride in STEM science, technology, engineering and mathematics in

Brass shelf supports. Shelf Bracket, Heavy Duty, Steel, White, 500 Load Capacity (Lb.), 15-3/4" Length (In.)

The traditional and attractive brass shelf support system. The solid brass shelf pins with the support area measuring approximately 8mm long require a 6. You can also purchase the shelf support bushes to dress up the pin holes in the carcass. Timbecon Family Newsletter Signup to get the latest news and specials. Traditional Brass Shelf Support System.