Clint walker nude-Hollywood Hunks Laid Bare: ss

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Clint walker nude

Clint walker nude

Clint walker nude

Clint walker nude

Did Clint fuck Guy Madison too? Hermione Gingold made me gay. Sean Connery was so gorgeous. I've never seen one in Manhattan! So I used to walk close to the edge — and every time I did, poor Roger would just about turn green. Get off this thread! Rock Hudson. Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your Clint walker nude. I think I lasted Cliny episode.

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Not an actor, but quite a celeb in his all-too-short life, John Kennedy Jr. Sean Connery Clint walker nude so gorgeous. Like you, I love the '60s, '70s and early '80s! If you notice, they both wear the same tight pants Clint walker nude every episode: Smith tan and Fuller light blue. Important: Once you save your settings the first time Cristina agularer porn will receive a confirmation email. R96, who cannot abide male sexuality because it is so "dirty. Aldo Ray shirtless in a steamy scene with Tina Louise I was a kid then. R32 How stupid can one be? Barbara Hale. Tab Hunter Bondage, blindfold Brown was a little better. Such a loser. This is from The Virginiana episode of the long-running series.

During and after the prime-time run of his classic Cheyenne TV series, Clint Walker — who passed away Monday just a few days before his 91 st birthday — made memorable impressions in a wide variety of theatrical and made-for-television movies, ranging from wartime dramas The Dirty Dozen , None But the Brave to scary thrillers Killdozer , Scream of the Wolf.

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  • Time and again during his Hollywood heyday, Rock Hudson was threatened with exposure.

Ever since the silent film era, Hollywood beefcake photos have titillated both female and gay male fans. Frankie Avalon was Annette's love interest in a slew of Beach Party movies although it looks like she had better options.

Busy night! After starring in Dr. A year after Burt Reynolds took it all off, Playgirl was born — to the eternal gratitude of women and gay men. Chippendales dancer turned soap star John Gibson proved to be "a show-er" in the pages of Playgirl. Richard Gere first turned heads in Looking for Mr. Goodbar before skyrocketing to fame as a male hustler in American Gigolo. Before becoming famous as TV's Magnum, P. You're welcome. All Rights Reserved. Richard Chamberlain. Clint Walker. James Garner. Chad Everett.

Tony Dow. Hugh O'Brian. Martin Milner. Mike Henry. Lloyd Bridges. Adam West. John Derek. Frankie Avalon. Rock Hudson. Rod Taylor. Tony Curtis and Laurence Olivier. Sean Connery. Stephen Boyd. Steve McQueen. Warren Beatty. Omar Sharif. Ron Ely. Robert Conrad. Dirk And Dack Rambo. Bruce Lee. Robert Redford.

Burt Reynolds. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger also bared it all for Cosmo. Whatever happened to him? Lyle Waggoner. Fred Williamson. Dennis Cole. Sam Jones.

John Gibson. Isaac Hayes. Dirk Benedict. Erik Estrada. Brad Davis. Ryan O'Neal. William Shatner. Richard Gere. Tom Selleck. Vince Edwards.

James Cagney knew the score and wasn't intimidated by it, which is a huge turn-on. Gordon Scott. Yes, Van! Found myself wanting to stop and comment on every other post. It does seem kinda funny that they pull his shirt off for no good reason other than to get all the little gay boy viewers turned on! Tom said no, but he intimates that Walker wasn't so hesitant. My husband would have gotten a huge kick out of it!

Clint walker nude

Clint walker nude. Food From the Gods


Actor Clint Walker Was One Huge Hunk Of Man!

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Some features on this site require a subscription. Handsome as hell and an incredibly sexy voice. Prime Meat OP - through and through. Thanks R9 for saving me from opening R8. I remember him from "Cheyenne," when my interest in men was just coming to life. Met his daughter many years later. She was as beautiful as he was handsome, tall too. A commercial airline pilot.

He slept with anyone he had to to get his career. Rock Hudson being one of them. But yeah, though I've only seen him in photos, he is one of the hottest men that ever walked.

Big guy, hairy chest. Look around you, he looks like half the world. Certainly like half the world that didn't age well. He had only one thing going for him. One beautifiul, fur-covered thing, but all the same, only one.

And when age required him to demonstrate some talent or intelligence, that one thing no longer sufficed. At that point, what difference did it make if he let it go?

Wow is all I have to say. Miathere's a cowboy channel? I have Time Warner cable and I don't recall a cowboy channel! I have to re--check my channels! Are they hot, hunky cowboys? That's it, Encore Westerns is the channel, I subscribe to Comcast, if that helps. I don't know who the casting director was at that time, but he certainly had an eye for the all-American cowboy. I had the biggest crush on him as a child.

He was so hot and also so humble, which made him sexier. He was in an episode of "The Lucy Show", and was built like a fucking refrigerator. It was freaky.

I would have loved him to fuck me, then crush me. Clint Walker had a freak accident while skiing where he was impaled with a ski pole that pierced his heart. Luckily he recovered. This thread makes me wonder:Are impossibly good looking people destined to be discovered for stardom? I,mean,if you saw someone who looked like Clint Walker or Elizabeth Taylor packing groceries,someone would rescue them from such druggery and find a way to display them for public consumption,correct? Even if they had little or no talent?

R33 Yes, you are. And yes, I would. There is just no possible way the Good Lawd intended the Clint Walkers of this world to pack groceries. R29, are you trying to kill us? Guy Madison is simply stunning!

I wonder how Randolph and Cary decided on who was to be the top for the night? Maybe they always flip flopped? In a way it's a shame Clint has hung on so long; that Henry Willson book from a few years ago might have some spicier tidbits in it regarding him. Earlier bios of Clint from back in the day have him state he was discovered by Van Johnson in Las Vegas.

Here's an article on Van Williams from earlier this year. I guess it was to coincide with the Seth Rogan debacle:. LOL R19! I've got Time Warner too. I believe Mia means the Western network which is part of the Encores package which includes drama network, suspense Alfred Hitchcock Hour episodes , Retroplex etc. I loved watching those men as I was growing up. For a budding homosexual, it was great fodder for fantasies.

Interesting that -- except for a few of them -- they don't have the "physique model" bodies that seem so prevalent today on Hollywood. I have the same fantasy, R And I would practically come, just from that. Chuck Connors was 6'6" and gay for sure. Don't know about Clint. But if he's a right-winger, who cares. R57 -- Conrad was a bossy bitch. Power bottom.

Told his tops exactly what to do. And if they didn't Of course, Dick won out in the end, even though Mary had a few moments of doubt after having Van hit on her pretty heavily. Plus, Van was all decked out in his military uniform and I'm sure that Dink Flamingo would have paid any price to get him in front of his cameras.

His father was born in Sweden and came to the United States as a young child and his mother had German-American Pennsylvania Dutch ethnicity. He also starred in the short-lived series The Investigators and the two season series Brian's Drive-In Theater is a great website for stars of the past. It features a beefcake section as well. Actually, Bob and Van both seem to have aged pretty nicely, considering all the sun rays they exposed themselves to.

And Bob looked great into the s when he was in his 50s , at least. Of course, he probably doesn't look much hotter than Clint right now but they are both in their 80s after all. That hairy chest is perfection. Why do so many male models shave it all off? He was really a stunning hunk of manhood then. I would have paid just to lick his cowboy boots. I could easily jack off just looking at the first 2 pictures of Clint's chest. He was spectacular, and you know it wasn't just the result of steroids back then.

He was the real thing, a man's man with the kind of body other men yearn to have take that in its many ways. He also had a deep masculine voice. I don't know if the beach is still there. Anyway, it had a straight section and a much larger gay section, being very close to San Francisco. One time a hunk like Clint was having his cock sucked while another guy was burying his face deep in the man's hairy ass, licking like crazy. There was quite a naked crowd gathered, and there were moans and loads of cum being shot all over the other spectators.

I shot my load onto a guy's ass, and he asked me to rub it into the skin, which I did. The Clint-like hunk was obviously enjoying the adoration, but was no one famous. He just liked to put on a good show. He came but the cocksucker was really greedy and just kept swallowing, so the crowd didn't get a chance to see it.

I love huge guys like this; they're my total fantasy. I'm under 5'8" and lbs. I just love how every time I come back to this thread there's that amazing photo of Clint's torso at the top to welcome me.

Clint walker nude

Clint walker nude

Clint walker nude