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She was a beautiful and free spirited woman some twenty five years older than I. A small, red haired and voluptuous woman with large breasts, a narrow waist with a slightly plump belly, a well rounded backside and shapely legs, she turned heads where ever she went and I loved her dearly. There were women of her generation whose totally uninhibited lust for life led to extreme unhappiness because of the strict moral codes and strait laced hypocrisy imposed on society by the British establishment. She shared many secrets with me during our time together and we remained friends and sometime lovers until she died in following a brief illness. She was just sixty two years old, but had lived a full and varied life.

Pony sex storys

Pony sex storys

Pony sex storys

Pony sex storys

When Sarah saw that June was safely restrained she left Louise, sobbing and demoralized in the Pony sex storys bedding. Country Life, She was a beautiful and free spirited woman some twenty Pony sex storys years older than I. The tiny girl was led to the mating bench and dutifully knelt placing my Loita sex on the cross beam. Ehe turned to Sarah EHow are they, did the colts do much damage. Makes me smile.

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She didn't think Patti was ready. An few days at the Home of my friend Empress Sed. Fuck juice gushed from the Pony sex storys walls of her cunt, Pony sex storys out over her jiggling ass cheeks and down the horse's swinging balls, staining the wooden bench. Then I watched the horse jump up on the fake wooden horse, his monster cock was now stiff, and Pony sex storys hard. Mob Girl — Cora has found herself married to a powerful mobster who demands everything from her. Pferdphile Mare Explorations — A 19yo teen man loses his virginity to a mare. Pony Named Pleasure A day with a ponygirl and her favorite things. The Farm Bitch — A young woman participates in an animal gangbang. When asked, I told people I remembered not the delirious visions storyss plagued me. Alex: Lessons in Submission The real training starts. We strongly discourage any Pony sex storys of animal abuse. His agitated moves excited Ricanprincess shemale Alice, who was riding his prick, and Patti, who was watching it all. By Tomlin. Alice lifted her legs and angled her body for greater depth. In a way she was hypnotized.

H orses have been part of our history since we first domesticated Equus ferus around 6, years ago.

  • Naughty Amanda — After watching a stallion and mare mate, a brother and sister get horny.
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My son Frank. And my husband Charles both think I write Harlequin romance novels of which they have no interest.

Neither has any idea that I write porn or how much money I make. Neither has any idea what a large stock portfolio I have or the T-bills or municipal bonds or actual cash in the bank.

I have a small checking account at the bank where Charles has his business and personal accounts in case for some reason he checks. But my main account is at a small out of town bank in Palmer.

Though small they handle all my banking needs with discretion. As one of their largest, if not the largest depositors they bend over backwards to accommodate me. Sometimes my publishers wanted a specific theme. We met in a coffee shop one afternoon to discuss it. Sitting at the table, we made quite a contrast, the Marlborough man and a society lady.

As I pulled into his driveway five minutes early, I was impressed. He had a huge farm with acres and acres of rolling green fields with a bunch of horses grazing in the distance. Just leave your keys and bags in your car. Then he led me through a big door into the stable.

There were grooms or whatever you call them going about their business. We stopped before the only stall with the door open. Take off your clothes and go in the stall. As I stepped out of my panties and straighten up I made it a point to keep my hands at my side.

Not try to cover my breasts and pussy with them. I felt like a piece of meat as he slowly circled me, his eyes running up and down my body. I like that nice and firm. After all the groping all my teenage lovers did, did this jerk think patting my ass was going to scare me away.

You belong to me for two weeks to do with as I please. No safe word and no backing out. Chin lifted in defiance I step through the door. The only light was the dim glow from a small window high up in the wall.

When my eyes adjusted I saw a pile of hay with a wool army blanket lying on it. In the back corner was a bucket. On the other side of the door was a trough with some kind of ground up grain with assorted nut mix with it. They were both mounted head high and could be refiled from the outside.

This was obviously his idea of sociological warfare. Fuck him. Let him do his worst. I laid down on the blanket to get some sleep. As I was contemplation my situation the sun went down and the stall got dark. Suddenly I had to pee. I struggled across the stall and suffered the indignity of peeing in a bucket. Bladder empty I laid back down but all the strange noises kept me awake. What seemed like hours and hours later I got so cold I laid on the hay and covered myself with the itchy blanket.

I was familiar with ball gags but this one was shaped like a fat short dick. He held it in place with a halter not unlike a horse would wear. Clipping a lead rope the halter, he pulled me to my feet and led me outside. There he tied my lead rope to a big ring mounted in the post holding up the overhang. Then he walked away. To my left I saw about a dozen horses being tied in the same manner.

To my right about a half dozen naked girls…. First he brushed my hair and then with a sponge floating in the bucket of water he washed me off. Paying special attention to my breasts and between my legs. When my grooming was done a guy who looked like a blacksmith fitted me with a pair of black ankle high lace up boots with horse shoes mounted on the soles. The Marlborough man showed up carrying a long lead rope and a buggy whip. Taking my lead he led me to where the other girls were being harnessed to one seated carts.

Once harnessed up a client armed with a buggy whip got into the surrey and drove away. They rent the carts and girls by the hour and drive them around the bridle path. You my dear are going to pull my cart for 2 weeks. It was a 2 wheel cart but behind the seat it had a luggage rack for carrying tool and supplies he needed throughout the day. Then he led me to the center of a big corral. When he came back I was hitched to his work surrey. My wrists were cuffed to the shafts plus there was a horse collar around my neck with trace chains running back to the frame so I can pull the cart with my shoulders and not my arms.

My dick shaped ball gag was replaced with a bit with reins, called lines that ran back to the driver. For the rest of the day he put me through my paces around the 2 mile long bridle path. It had twist and, turns designed for the pony to obey the reins.

Hills and dips to teach the pony to pull up a hill or control the speed going down. And my right butt cheek was sore from bring pop with his buggy whip. Back in my stall I was so hungry that I ate the repulsive grain and drank the water from the nipple.

And I had no trouble sleeping. I also learned that a groom would come through banging on the door. It was surprising how quick I actually started thinking of myself as a pony. I thought nothing of prancing around naked pulling his surrey in front of the grooms, clients or anyone else that happened to be around.

One day he drove up to his office. While he was tying my lead rope to a post, a lady that had her horse boarded there came over to look and wanted an explanation.

While he was explaining she was running her hands all over my body like you would do a horse you were thinking of buying. He let her drive me around in the parking lot while he was tending to business. To uncut stallion and to mares. Then he suggest that she rent them and check them out before you buy. And your rental includes an hour of private stall time.

A couple of times he drove me out the front gate and a mile down the shoulder of the road to the store where we picked up some supplies. No one even paid any attention to us except a teenage girl. Judging by her back pack she was a runaway.

They talked for a while and then he put a lead rope around her neck and tied it to the back of the surrey. Then she trotted along behind us back to the barn. He turned her over to a groom and we went on about our business. The next morning when I was led out of my stall the cute little teenager was led out of the next stall and tied to a post. Her groom took great delight in sponging off her tiny budding breasts and her the silken wisp of pubic hair between her barely 18 year old legs.

I was going to look a fright Sunday night when I went home. I was really hairy so my bristly patch would be as big as a dinner plate by the time I went home.

The Saturday before I left the held an open house carnival. Families from miles around came to see the surrey races. There was clowns making balloon animals and face painting for the kiddos. There was BBQ and all the trimmings. But the high light was the surrey races. Only trot.

In deference to the families the ponies wore bikinis. She spent nearly 30 minutes putting her hands on me. When no one was looking she fingered her pussy and then stuck her fingers in my mouth. Which I won incidentally. When I finally got dressed and gone I stopped and let Butch fuck my brains out just to get my head straight.

He was entranced by my new bush. He talked me in to keeping it for another week so he could fuck me again while I still had it.

Here be Dragons A passing dragon takes his pleasure from a mare By doggydt2. The Making of a Whore : Part 2. An Apple A Day — Jean loves her two doggies and with the arrival of Sampson, her new pony, what happens next is one of her wildest fantasies comes true. My husband has been sharing me with other men for over 30 years, and this story describes the first time he watched another man fuck me Possessing Bella Ch. The rest of what she had done with Blazer could wait.

Pony sex storys

Pony sex storys

Pony sex storys

Pony sex storys. Post navigation

Stick his cock in you. She had never talked dirty before, and she loved it. She also loved this new and exciting game of sex. Fuck him good. Alice giggled, getting quickly into the mood.

Blazer stood his ground. Trained, he knew what to expect. He tossed his head and whinnied, ready for whatever Alice would do. He stepped forward, fucking his cock through her two hands.

The pleasure made his heavy cum-crammed balls rumble. Patti ogled her naked mother and Blazer's long cock. A mist filmed her blue eyes, giving her a hypnotized look. In a way she was hypnotized. Passion controlled her. I'm not a mare, I'm just a woman. She gripped her small hand around Blazer's prick. It'll be enough.

Hot buttery pussy cream flowed over Blazer's prick head. He jerked, stunned. All of Blazer's cock had been gobbled up by her mother's pussy. It astounded her, made her shake. Fuck him! She writhed on the bench, her cunt fucked full of hard thick cock meat. Her hot pulsing pussy muscles gripped the horse's giant prick.

Ohhh, Blazer! Ohhh, fuck me! Her ass thumped on the wooden bench as Blazer whinnied and fucked his cock in and out of her pussy. Muscles rippled in his giant frame. His big brown eyes seemed to glow. His long thick tail swished jerkily back and forth, and he tossed his head in the air, then neighed. His agitated moves excited both Alice, who was riding his prick, and Patti, who was watching it all. Hot white cum. It drives me crazy. Do it. Make him cum. Her anxious fingers touched the thick matted hair of her mother's pussy.

Curiously, she explored, felt where Blazer's cock was stretching her mother's cunthole. Fuck juice flowed over her fingers. She caressed Blazer's heavy balls.

His overpowering strength scraped the bench along the ground. His balls whacked into the cheeks of Alice's jiggling ass. His rump jerked forward and his cock fucked the greasy-hot cunt gash.

Hot milky fuck cream flowed over his prick and coated his balls. He snorted again, dropping his head and pawing the earth. Alice went wild. She fucked his cock with frenzied twists of her hips and upward thrusts of her ass. She found her tits, mangled the huge melon-shaped globes and squealed.

Hot creamy fuck juice flowed from her pussy and coated her thighs. Her passion had her head spinning. She clawed her fingers through her own pussy, mauled her budding tittie flesh, and sobbed hysterically. She fell back in the hay and humped her fingers, glaring hotly at her mother fucking the giant stallion. With her pussy super-greased, Alice fucked her hot bubbling cunthole over Blazer's oversized prick.

Ohhh, Christ! His mane swished across his thick- muscled neck. His big eyes glowed with fire. He jerked, then jammed hard, nearly splitting a screaming Alice with his throbbing cock.

His balls felt as if they were on fire. Alice went insane. She looked at her daughter and watched as the child writhed in the hay. I'm gonna cum on his cock! She felt Blazer's balls. The horse whinnied loudly. She dropped his balls quickly, afraid she had hurt him.

Alice's eyes rolled into her head. Creaming, Patti. I'm cumming, honey. Creaming Blazer! Fuck juice gushed from the pulsing walls of her cunt, flowing out over her jiggling ass cheeks and down the horse's swinging balls, staining the wooden bench.

The frenzied storm of Alice's orgasm catapulted the giant animal into his own climax. His cock swelled, stretching Alice's gushing cunt to the limit. His balls erupted. A hot jetstream of white cum shot from the tip of his fucking prick. His cum squirted deep, triggering another explosion in Alice's pussy. He fucked his cock in and out furiously, dragging both the bench and a screaming Alice along the floor of the barn. She watched her mother hump the beast, watched the beast fuck his prick into her mother's vulnerable body.

She blinked. Dazedly, she followed all the erotic action. Alice thrashed like a stuck pig. She humped up, taking thick gooey wads of animal cum into her pussy. Jism filled her, overflowing and mixing with her own scalding fuck cream. His balls exploded again. A geyser of jizz splattered the hot bubbling depths of Alice's pussy. Squishy sounds echoed, blending with his neighing and Alice's squeals of pleasure.

Alice lifted her legs and angled her body for greater depth. She was rewarded with an even deeper stab of Blazer's exploding cock. I'm drowning! Ohhh, Patti Alice clamped her legs against the chestnut stallion, humped up, clawed his flanks, and screamed an ear-piercing yell that turned the giant horse into a frenzied beast.

Blazer lifted his head, bringing his powerful body with him. His front hoofs beat the air as he neighed and shook his head. The surge of strength carried Alice with him. Patti fell back. Alice was too involved with Blazer and her own lust to care. She clung to the enraged stallion, fucking him, clutching his flanks with her legs and arms, refusing to be tossed away. Blazer's hoofs touched ground. He jerked and twisted his rump, his tail swishing like a whip.

Alice's hot pulsing pussy was draining his balls. Alice screamed. She thudded back to the bench. Easing her grip, she dropped her arms and legs, twitching as she skittered down from her tremendous orgasm. Rancher's Daughter Rancher's daughter meets an upset nester. Fur Fever Ch. Ranch Owner Getting lost led to finding great sex. Ashley's Centaur Escapades Ch. Centaurs in Springtime Ch. A College Education Pt. In Love with Justin Ch. Broken In Ch.

Enticed Wife Wife enticed to get fucked by a bull. The Sultry Sorceress Ch. Dude Ranch Yong woman wins a free holiday. Trouble at the Farm Pt. Charming Neighborhood 02 Melinda acts on a plan to humiliate Eve. Consent Lose a race, pay the forfeit. The Curator Ch. Horsing Around A typical day for King, mayor and stud stallion. Ferret Girl Ch. A Man on an Island Ch. Caught in the Act A thief is caught in the act and punished for her crime. Palomino Ch. The Carousel Pink panties and a beautiful woman excite Dan.

Stormfeather Ch. Holiday Wishes Upon the Wind Grieving heart finds comfort in a horse, healing in wishes. Stacy's Riding Lesson Ch. Horseroot Tea Ch. Overwhelmed Ch. Jack and Ann Jack meets Ann on the farm. Mustang Romance Ch. Out of the Dark Wood Ch. Home From Summer Camp Ch. The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. The Showing Slave wife is put up for display. The Scent of Soil Ch.

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. The Trials of Dara Firebird Ch. Demon Child Ch. Alex: Lessons in Submission The real training starts. Mother of Pearl A child learns her true identity. Ed Pt.

Sex between a pony and a farmer’s wife – Erotic and sex stories

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Log In Sign Up. Jenny Kendrick. A Horse Called Freedom. Markham, Siamon, Sharon. Dark Horse. Mustang Mountain. ON: Scholastic, ISBN Koops, Sheena. Voice of the Valley. Victoria: Orca, Siamon, Sharon.

Gallop to the Sea. Saddle Island. North Vancouver: Walrus, Siamon, Sharon. Free Horse. North ISBN Vancouver: Walrus, The Secret Pony. Winlaw: Sono Nis, Perhaps this argument can meaningful history, and the range of texts is not limited be applied by extension to pony-series fiction: is there to series or popular fiction.

Whilst Birks does not explore and its lack of range, particularly in the years following the reasons for this explosion of interest, he points out the Second World War, that has to some extent that, like Black Beauty, Moorland Mousie offers readers obscured the wider-ranging material Moss describes.

Indeed, Golden Gorse was one of a number of explores its causes, contexts, and critical reception as a writers, including Eleanor Helme and Allen Seaby, who background to evaluating the style and impulses of six seem to have been motivated in the post-war years by a Jenny Kendrick Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures 1.

Armour, the illustrator, is also representative of a predominantly male group of horse-loving, sporting artists brought up before the Great War, many of whom including Armour himself, Lionel Edwards, and Thomas Ivester Lloyd had the opportunity to observe the combat experiences of their equine companions at close quarters whilst serving as remount officers during the war years.

In their joint mainly American. It is also ironic that pony stories are such rural settings as Exmoor, Dartmoor, and the New equated with class, or as Mary Cadogan and Patricia Forest. Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures 1. Despite the popularity of pony stories, critical —30 response to the genre has been largely either negative or suggestive of some deep and rather suspect In subsequent years, horse and pony stories have psychological motivation.

Pony stories may well appeal to the maternal, as both Bob Dixon and Marjorie Fisher point out, and, certainly, real-life equines require a large amount of very consistent care, whilst fictional ponies are all too frequently in need of rescue and nurture. Similarly, Bruno Bettelheim argues that both boys and girls may use play with animals.

In any case, equal terms. Given the rural settings of the novels and 56 , although how non-riders are expected to gain the rugged terrain over which the stories are often such control is unclear. Apart from Haymonds, it is a represented—and perhaps fulfilled through reading—in rare critic who presents an alternative view to the the way that Bettelheim suggests.

In passing, White challenges the accepted growing discovery, having secretly bought a skinny view of education as being school-based and proposes and unkempt pinto pony for a hundred dollars, that the an alternative view of vocational education for dream and the reality are poles apart. In this case, Kirsty hurts her arm in a fall as a from camp and books, and whose impulsive self- result of overconfidence in her fledgling riding ability.

The similarities end there. Unfortunately, in promoting a rather didactic message about trust and love, Dorsey fails to follow through on the pro-wildness argument, and, in order to be free, Freedom cannot retain her independence but must submit to being tamed—at least to some extent—by Jani. The third novel for this age group, Gallop to the Sea, is the first in. Dorsey fails to a new series by Sharon Siamon, the author of the Mustang Mountain series. Two years after the death of her mother, must submit to being Kelsie and her younger brother Andy move in with their great-aunt tamed—at least to Maggie.

Kelsie and Andy have grown up in presumably remote mining some extent—by Jani. This makes some difference to the romantic impulse of the novels, but romance Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures 1. Ponies are pervasive include the new school and making friends. It is the perennial escapee, realities of owning a pony.

From this point, the novel Mountain series, Siamon again goes for pace and descends into an assortment of stock elements: the incident, whilst at the same time engaging not only villainous and melodramatic riding-school owner, with themes such as wild horses and romance, but Mr. Equally, whilst racism is overtly rejected, have been caught for sale to the dog-meat factory.

As in Free Horse, friendship features only briefly, and the novel focuses on the relationship Becky would like to have with sixteen-year-old Rob Kelly and her jealousy of another teenage girl. Dark Horse is acceptably pedagogic about endurance racing, and readers will find they learn much about the sport and its organization. People or First Nations or Aboriginals. Whether old Onja Claibourn, out riding her half-Arab chestnut Koops is entirely successful in her attempt to promote mare Ginger, meets Etthen Mercredi, who takes her to inclusion and combat racism, however, is debatable, an archaeological dig and opens her eyes not only to since the continual consciousness of race, from the the danger to the valley but to relationships.

Orange like the taste of his lips. In Gallop to the Sea and A Horse Called Freedom, genre is the driving force; adventure in the one and ghost story in the other, with friendship a secondary impulse and the ponies third. Whilst the settings of Voice of the Valley and Mustang Mountain include horses, romance is the overriding impulse.

It may be, a fantasy competence rather than realistic character as Marjorie Fisher proposes, that ponies fulfill the traits in achieving their goals. On this model, one might predict that toward domestication. The three novels for and to Etthen she hands over control even of her horse, Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures 1.

Yeatman and W. Moorland Mousie. London: : Country Life, Bagnold, Enid. National Velvet. London: Heinemann, Haymonds, Alison. Peter Hunt. London: Ball, Richard. London: Country Life, Routledge, Bettelheim, Bruno.

The Uses of Enchantment. London: Penguin, The Heroic Figure in Dudley Jones and Tony Watkins. Birks, John. Helme, Eleanor, and Nance Paul. Pony Crazy. Pony Tails. London: Bantam, Horse Crazy. Saddle Club. Hull, Katherine, and Pamela Whitlock. The Far-Distant Oxus. Cadogan, Mary, and Patricia Craig. Story to Bath: Girls Gone By, James, Will. Smoky the Cowhorse.

London: C. Cannan, Joanna. A Pony for Jean. London: John Lane, Cridland, Clarissa. Treasure Seekers and Borrowers. Pat Association, Lichfield: Pied Piper,

Pony sex storys

Pony sex storys

Pony sex storys