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An introduction to my perspective on the current state of the gaming community. By Liana Kerzner redlianak. Editor's note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, nor should be attributed to, Metaleater Media as a whole. Note: the following may contain various game spoilers and descriptions of things that may be triggering as part of critical analysis. Reactions may be strong.

Liana kerzner boobs

Liana kerzner boobs

Liana kerzner boobs

Liana kerzner boobs

Sound your alarms. They come standard with Xbox One titles. In 37 years. This scene induced no kerznfr. Important and valid questions Gaslamp strip club restaruant pushed aside in favour of rigid views, identity politics, personal grudges and opportunists. The amazing thing is that she always had been. Wyatt, if you look up the name on Wikipedia, is the diminutive of William, Liana kerzner boobs both names are associated with war and conquest. Sessions will alternate times each month so bpobs backers with different schedules, in different time zones, can participate. I so want this to happen! Sony seems to be willing to try anything, combining creative risks like the deliberate frustration Liana kerzner boobs The Last Guardian with novel funding models like the crowd-funded experiment of Shenmue 3.

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She is also a video game journalist and hobbyist cosplayer. Liana is a proud size 10 and, as the enthusiastic response of our male TV audience has proven, women don't need to be toothpicks to make men drool. Post a Comment. Big breasted Kerzner has also been involved in many of Ed the Sock's other media projects, including the annual Fromage specials and Smartass: The Ed the Sock Report, both on the Canadian Liana kerzner boobs music and variety television channel MuchMusic. Men are allowed to be naked, loud and obscene for the sake of comedy. Retrieved 24 November If I Picture russian sexy only keep just Liana kerzner boobs memory of him, it would be that one. Personal tools Log in. Liana kerzner boobs lost a colleague. Liana boob flash. Can Rockstar Claim Parody Protection? Liana DP 49, According to Kerzner, she also previously worked as a convention "booth babe".

This is a discussion, not a lecture!

  • I lost a friend early this morning.
  • She is also a former television writer, producer, and host.

An introduction to my perspective on the current state of the gaming community. By Liana Kerzner redlianak. Editor's note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, nor should be attributed to, Metaleater Media as a whole. Note: the following may contain various game spoilers and descriptions of things that may be triggering as part of critical analysis.

Reactions may be strong. Please be respectful in your discussion of the issues. For three sleepless nights in the early days of , I seriously considered giving up writing about games. This piece is an attempt to examine the issues surrounding this personal doubt, and what I think can be done to effectively, respectfully, make things better.

It's long. It's complicated. In some places, it's dense. I apologize in advance for the length, the personal nature of some elements, and anything that comes off as too negative. Sadly, it took feeling humiliated by another feminist to make me finally try to be heard. So I decided to make my stand. Welcome to my five-part series on the bullying I've been subjected to by Feminist Frequency 's fans, my rebuttals to Feminist Frequency's theories, and my suggestions for a different kind of feminism that examines video games as games.

One part will be published here on Metaleater every day this week, so that I don't bombard people with too much at once. There's also an accompanying YouTube reading of these essays, for those that prefer to listen rather than read. The last five months have been a real learning experience for me regarding just how hated feminism is in video games. That makes me very sad, because characters like Lara Croft were, at one point, seen as feminist action icons.

I'm a good decade older than the current crop of Internet feminists, so I've had some time to get over my anger at the world. It's telling to me that young women are currently exploring the world for the first time as adults accompanied by so much anger but are blaming the anger of men for their problems. It's very strange to me that people believe feminism is at odds with modern AAA game content, because video games got me through the weird fashions of the s -- I hated neon and hairspray -- and Kate Moss being considered the gold standard for female beauty in the s.

Video games gave me a series of fictional role models who got the job done even when the world rejected them. New video games and old books helped me become a woman who believes, despite a lot of adversity, that I have something to offer the world that doesn't involve being a supporting character in someone else's story. Unfortunately, all of feminism in video games right now is trapped in Feminist Frequency's story. So if you take one thing away from this five-part piece, please let it be this: feminism, especially feminism in video games, is a diverse subject with varied opinions and a lot of disagreement.

When any single voice becomes too powerful, it stifles other voices that have just as much to offer. Feminist Frequency is very good at promoting itself. It has not been good, so far, at promoting other women -- real and fictional -- in the video game industry. However, I decided not to include them in this piece because my issue with Feminist Frequency is an intellectual and professional one, not a personal one.

My primary focus is to provide some counterpoint for Feminist Frequency's numerous assertions that video games have, historically, sent uniquely harmful messages regarding women.

My secondary focus is that the supporters of Feminist Frequency enable and participate in online bullying of those holding dissenting opinions. Anita's personal biography is not relevant to this analysis. The influence she and her followers are having on gaming is.

Please, share your thoughts on my work. But do it in a respectful way without hate, malice, or abusive language. Even if you disagree with a person, they're still a person. Bad ideas deserve criticism, but people are not bad because they have some bad ideas.

Without further ado, let's get started. Each day this week, another part of this series will be posted, for a total of five parts. I hope you find this journey informative. My theory has always been that I have a unique perspective on games that isn't actually so unique.

There are plenty of fun-loving women who enjoy video games who don't have a platform. In order to reach the people who actually consume games I use populist language. People don't want to be talked at like they're in school when consuming content about a hobby that's supposed to be fun. Does this mean I'm opposed to academic examinations of video games? Of course not. I've even done them. For ten years, I've assumed that if I worked hard enough for long enough, I'd be given a fair shot to earn a living wage writing about games.

People are throwing a lot of money at controversy, but they're not rewarding sense. There is nothing inherently wrong with this as both men and women can provide vital product. This runs counter to their professed desire to increase gender diversity in gaming. Instead of increasing real diversity, the current model is lip service and tokenism.

The rise of Feminist Frequency has been accompanied by a vicious form of social aggression that is unleashed on anyone who disagrees with Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh. Surprisingly active developer support has emboldened the bullying by the Feminist Frequency fan mob that often seeks to silence dissent over encouraging diversity and debate.

Instead of making things better for women in the video game industry, these phenomena have strengthened the token status of women because all women are now judged in comparison to Anita. From where I sit, it seems that women are being forced into two roles: angry feminist stereotype -- aka Sarkeesian-esque trope -- or freelancer relegated to the back room where all the less desirables fight for slim pickings.

Oh you hadn't heard that proxies for Feminist Frequency bully people? Yeah, the media stories tend to be the other way around, and it's undeniable that the extremes of the treatment Anita has received have been thoroughly unacceptable. However, that shouldn't give her a pass on flawed theories, statements that shame stigmatized groups of women like sex workers, and her serving as an inspiration to bully anyone who is a source of dissent. For a long time I was afraid to publicly say what I really believed.

Only women. That hit a nerve. I know three different men who have been falsely accused of abuse, and they had their lives dragged through the mud because too many people just took the woman's word regarding what happened. To be clear, it's not my belief that they didn't do the things they're accused of. I know they didn't do it because I was a witness to some of the events that the accusers twisted. These men suffered social recriminations and in some cases, lost work.

They became victims of female abuse, specifically a phenomenon known as relational aggression. This has made me concerned that we're not, collectively, keeping a close enough eye on the phenomenon of male victims of abuse because we limit our understanding of abuse to something that men do to women. Men do get abused, by women as well as other men. They aren't given nearly enough support by the system because men are expected to be able to take care of themselves due to extremely gendered assumptions about male power.

This is is the stuff we're talking about when you hear feminists say that patriarchy hurts men too. Feminist Frequency frequently addresses the depictions of sexualized violence against women in video games. It doesn't compare and contrast them with the instances in the very same games where men are victims of abuse as well. This sort of one-sided analysis can lead to a misleading depiction of a given game, which could potentially send the wrong messages to those who have never played that game, and frustrate those who have.

For some men, the offence runs so deep that they feel like Feminist Frequency's method of analysis is erasing their experiences by focusing only on the abuse of women. There isn't something inherently evil inside men or inherently virtuous inside women.

This is changing in a globalized world, whereas Feminist Frequency's analytical tools appear frozen in the s That's still a twenty-five year gap in applicability. I was so upset by this "Listen and Believe" stuff and its erasure of the experiences of male victims that over three months ago I made a YouTube response video.

It made me happy that so many people took the time to say thank you to me for making it. However, I also discovered, first hand, how criticizing anything Anita Sarkeesian says makes you a pariah in social justice circles, and makes you a high-level target on some subreddits that inspire and fuel abuse.

Some of Anita's followers started circulating false accusations of racism and transphobia against me, "proven" by statements deliberately taken out of context so they looked bad when they were really quite innocent. When I tried to explain where I was coming from, my explanations were dismissed as merely "claims" -- not statements of my own intentions, which is something only I could know.

In these instances, listen and believe became attack and destroy. When a group of people is trying to ruin someone's reputation based on information they can reasonably determine is misleading, I call that harassment. If I actually held the sentiments they claim I do, that would be one thing, but my words have been twisted and framed to make me look as bad as possible.

In the ensuing melee I've been reminded that the personhood of minority groups must be supported without denying the personhood of the majority. I've always been uncomfortable with the way Feminist Frequency picks on the white and Japanese , cisgendered, heterosexual establishment because any push-back can be easily dismissed as racism, sexism, or some sort of phobia.

This establishment is an easy villain, and anyone else who disagrees with Anita is just lumped in as a tool of this establishment. The fact that I've been writing about issues related to women in games before Anita Sarkeesian even started her Kickstarter has been declared irrelevant. Sarkeesian's "fans" mercilessly bully any dissenters, myself included.

I was even told by an editor of a prominent gaming website that people lying about me was morally equivalent to my critiques of Anita. I just want them to improve and refine their methods. That modest level of dissent resulted in online pariah status. That's not community. That's a cult.

I also discovered that definitively proving that I was harassed was nearly impossible because the confirmation bias regarding Internet harassment tends to be strong. Even if I could prove someone made inappropriate comments and whipped up others to attack me as well, the defence was that I deserved it.

Liana K". Try living with a gigantic pair: you realize how absurd it is the first time you get smacked in the face with your own breast. Liana is a hot girl , So I will hold in my heart those very Cooke moments of crusty, caustic praise. Post City Magazine. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Liana kerzner boobs

Liana kerzner boobs

Liana kerzner boobs

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Liana is a proud size 10 and, as the enthusiastic response of our male TV audience has proven, women don't need to be toothpicks to make men drool. Big breasted Kerzner has also been involved in many of Ed the Sock's other media projects, including the annual Fromage specials and Smartass: The Ed the Sock Report, both on the Canadian cable music and variety television channel MuchMusic. She and Ed also co-hosted the Constellation Awards. Labels: liana k , liana kerzner.

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This is a discussion, not a lecture! Lady Bits will ask the questions and provide the information. Then you'll determine your own answers.

No stress, no judgments, no accusations. A series about a fun hobby should reflect that fun, and a series that looks at games should be hosted, written, and produced by a gamer.

Need proof? Here's my gamer, comedy, and journalism cred:. For a sense of the tone of the show, check out the videos on this Kickstarter page. I do all my own writing, research and editing. My husband does lighting and cameras.

We plan to launch this series in Fall Each episode will be 20 - 30 minutes long. The first six episodes will tackle these questions Let's take a look beyond bra size. And is making a game actively "pro-women" a form of benevolent sexism? If it doesn't hurt the bottom line, should people who make games care if they offend people? But what does it mean to be qualified when we're still not sure about so many aspects of how to make games? Does a qualified dev team need both men and women on it?

How important IS a female playable character? But how important is the playable character in the context of an entire game?

Is there a definable line between sexy and sexually objectifying? This show is about starting a conversation, not acting like I have it all figured out! Keep this in mind when deciding how much to back! There are also a few physical backer incentives that also have to be produced.

I have lots of ideas for extras if we exceed the base funding. Here are the first few. Here's hoping! At this level of funding I can stretch a buck further.

But some women were making games in the s. And if so, why? This episode explores the limits of character agency in the context of video games, where, unlike in linear media, the player expects some say in the way a game progresses. Are video games getting comparatively unfair scrutiny for the misogynist content in some games? Can some games use the trope to tell stories that ultimately affirm the women in them? This additional funding will allow us to purchase a 4K camera, meaning the entire series can be produced in 4K.

A series in 4K can be shopped to cable and streaming services looking for 4K content. This funding level allows us to add one trip for two people to collect interviews for the series. If there are funds left over after the first trip, it will be applied to additional travel. At this funding level, we can hire a part-time project assistant to assist with bookings, project coordination, and other behind-the-scenes work for a couple of months.

This will help speed up game captures, guest bookings, general inquiries, responding to email queries, and other day to day operations that suck up a lot of time. This is what it will really cost to do this show properly as a truly full-time endeavour. At this funding level we can produce an episode every 2 weeks instead of every month, as well as increase the amount of original game capture and graphics. Additional episodes and add-ons are planned if we surpass this amount.

These add-ons include accessibility elements like described video and closed captioning that I would absolutely love to add, but we need to be able to afford them, or have the services donated. If every regular viewer of my YouTube videos gives just twenty-five bucks, this thing is funded!

You get to be part of setting the record straight about what gamers really think and feel about these issues. You can help send a clear message that gamers believe that being a gamer has nothing to do with gender or anything else like that. A gamer loves games. Really loves games.

That's all. You can nominate a game you love for inclusion. Suggest developers to talk to. And be part of surveys and feedback sessions that will be used in the series.

Games are interactive, so I want this process to be interactive too. That's probably too small to read on smaller screens, so here's an expanded breakdown. Note: Kickstarter does not allow editing of tiers in the sidebar. In case of a discrepancy, the version on the above chart is the correct one.

You get your name somewhere on the Lady Bits set, and we'll send you a picture so you know where it is! You get the backers only episode at lower pledge tier. If these sell out, we've funded the full 13 episodes!

These limited tiers are designed to stop people from waiting until the very end. Think of it as a thank you for saving me stress. That's okay, you still get some goodies:. This tier offers entry into the monthly online feedback sessions, access to polls, surveys, and other opportunities to have your say. The number of these spots is restricted to keep the group to a manageable size.

Sessions will alternate times each month so that backers with different schedules, in different time zones, can participate.

If you're a great participant, you may even appear on the program! Think about this as a sort of studio audience and focus group in one! To finish off the Kickstarter campaign in a big way, I'm adding a tier with a very exciting incentive! And you get a t-shirt too! One of the things the feedback sessions will help determine is the t-shirt design.

A tier added for people who like stuff! All the online stuff, plus the DVD, T-shirt, and embroidered patch. Anything that's added as an incentive to a lower tier will be added to this tier as well. It's the Lady Bits swag bag! You know you want it! All of the lower tier incentives, plus a consulting session. Got a project you want to make sure is female friendly? Get a skilled, informed project review with you or your team maximum of 2 hours of consult, plus time to review project.

It doesn't have to be a video game. This reward is open to any type of project, barring an unforeseen conflict of interest or other ethical concern. In case of conflict, this money will be refunded, or you will be referred to another expert who has no conflict. This tier was added for those who want to make a big donation but don't have a project to consult on. You get your very own personal video from me, Momo and the other furballs, for a birthday, pick me up, get well soon, or other special occasion.

PG-Rated content only! If you want to see my last series, A Gamer's Guide To Feminism , the video below will take you to the playlist! Liana Kerzner has a firm grasp of the issues surrounding gaming and social justice occurring in society today, and is able to communicate her views effectively and respectfully, even with people she doesn't agree with.

Compassionate and insightful, Liana is unafraid to ask serious questions about the way we write and enjoy stories in gaming. Her knowledge and love for the industry comes out in her work again and again -- and it's infectious.

Liana's a triple threat geek - she's scholar-smart, wicked witty, and fearless. I find myself exhausted trying to keep up with her. When it comes to the world of video games, Liana K is a fountain of knowledge and a huge advocate for the role of women in the industry. Her passion for the world of games is unparalleled. Liana has a deep intuitive sense of what this genre is all about from a uniquely female perspective who lives and breathes this genre.

Liana was beyond a pleasure to work with, exceeding all expectations and delivering fantastic, well-written content that that client was impressed with. Working under such tight timelines did not affect Liana and she consistently delivered ahead of schedule — which is a hard thing to do in this industry.

The content performed well above industry standard and everyone was thrilled with the campaign. We are really looking forward to working with Liana again and anyone who has the privilege of getting to work with her is incredibly lucky. I don't think you should give your money to a person who doesn't show you who they are. I love animals and shoot my shows in my house.

Liana kerzner boobs

Liana kerzner boobs