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EastEnders actress Annette Badland has revealed she would be open to returning as Aunt Babe following her exit from the soap. The actress left the BBC One soap in February after Sean O'Connor was brought in as showrunner, and she has since described the decision to write her out as "heartbreaking". It was heartbreaking, really. They gave me such an ugly end. During the same interview, Annette confirmed that she would love to return to EastEnders , if the story was right, two years on from her abrupt exit.

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Daily Mirror. To everybody's surprise, Whitney returns to following day, expressing how much she missed Lee and she throws herself into planning their wedding, which worries Linda. However, Whitney confides in Lauren East enders babes it is possible that Lee's chlamydia could have caused her miscarriage. Stan later married Sylvie. Its reporter, Kilkelly, warned that viewers could expect to see Babe's "recent bad East enders babes catching up with the Carter family. EastEnders: Who was Terry Bates again? Languages Add links.

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They said East enders babes Claudette East enders babes a "nasty and murderous" history while Babe's past is "chequered" but she had never killed someone, concluding that Claudette would be the winner of the feud, but still saying that they "wouldn't mess with Babe! Past characters. Namespaces Article Talk. Midge has his associates tie Louise's legs up and gag her and he threatens to throw acid in her face babws she does not do as she is told, telling her that the shipping container is destined for OdessaUkraine. She finds Callum and informs him that East enders babes died six months previously, Eash Valentine's Day. Jean attends his memorial alongside Kush Kazemi Davood Ghadamibut it is revealed that Daniel faked his own death because he felt that he was getting too emotionally involved with Jean and did not want to put her through the pain of watching him die slowly. Retrieved 12 July Laura Stevely. Lillia Turner. Shirley Carter Tina Carter. Retrieved 14 January Les' wife, Pam Coker Lin Blakleyrealises Babe is the blackmailer, but is too ashamed to report it so Babe continues to increase the blackmail amount. Shirley catches her in the act and announces her actions to Mick. A drug addict who owes money to Evie Steele Sophia Capasso. Chantelle later meets her mother Karen Taylor Lorraine Stanley and reconnects Nhl red wings tag her family.

Carly's husband Nico Pappas Gerard Monaco appeared for a short stint.

  • Babe Smith was born in about
  • The following is a list of characters introduced to the BBC soap opera EastEnders in , by order of first appearance.
  • She first appeared in episode of the show, originally broadcast in the United Kingdom on 31 January , and was introduced as the maternal aunt of established characters Shirley Carter Linda Henry and Tina Carter Luisa Bradshaw-White.

EastEnders resident conniving so and so, played by Annette Badland, will leave the soap next year, after over two years on the square. She will still very much be in the wings and could well continue to cause aggro for the Carter family.

Babe has been the backbone of many storylines during her stint on the soap - from blackmailing Pam and Les Coker, to helping Abi Branning fake her pregnancy. A whopping 12 characters are set to leave EastEnders over the coming months, leaving fans and us feeling uncertain about the soaps future.

Sean O'Connor, the show's new executive producer, could be the reason behind all the exits. A source recently told The Sun that 'several of the actors are waiting with bated breath, convinced that Sean's axe will start swinging again'. Linda Carter and Sonia Fowler are also popping off on maternity for six months — which feels like an eternity in soap world. Please not Mick Carter Danny Dyer , pretty please. Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter in labour at ft. EastEnders actor Zack Morris reveals he was the subject of a racist attack.

Axed EastEnders star Dean Gaffney suffers fresh heartache. BY Hannah Mellin Posted on 19 09

The prosecution barrister in the rape trial of Ross Swinden Ossian Luke and Matt Clarkson Mitchell Hunt , who meets the victim, Ruby Allen Louisa Lytton , before the trial and tells her that he will present her case and urges her to speak honestly. Bernadette Taylor Bailey Baker. Retrieved 23 December Two police officers who arrive at Mel Owen 's Tamzin Outhwaite house, looking for her husband, Ray Kelly Sean Mahon , after he escapes police custody following his arrest for bigamy. She says she has to go home and that he is too young for her.

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Shirley is upset when her flame, Phil Mitchell abandons his plan to leave his current fiance Sharon Rickman at the altar to be with her, and Babe becomes her confidant, and plants the seed in her mind that she should take revenge.

Shirley shoots Phil, and flees Walford with Babe's help afterwards. Babe then lies to the Carters, telling them she has not seen Shirley. Babe discovers that Stan has terminal prostate cancer after following him to a hospital visit. She urges him to reveal his secret to the family, but he refuses, so Babe does it instead, personally upset by the news and feeling it is unfair not to tell the others.

They are devastated and Stan is furious with her, and later takes her aside and demands to know where she is hiding Shirley. After Shirley returns, Tina is beaten up by Tosh when Babe shows Sonia Fowler's watch to her, leading Tosh to believe that they are having an affair. Shirley and Stan initially clash, but when he apologises for the way he treated her in the past the two become close again, upsetting Babe, who admits she had loved Stan herself and always resented Sylvie for 'stealing' him.

When Stan attempts to take Sylvie to the seaside she becomes confused and upset, and Babe tells the rest of the family she can no longer look after Sylvie alone. Despite Stan's protests, they agree to put Sylvie into a care home.

However, at a goodbye party Sylvie and Shirley have an angry confrontation, with Sylvie blurting out that when Shirley 'fell' down the stairs whilst pregnant with Mick she'd actually pushed her. When an upset Shirley reveals it was Babe who came up with the idea to pass Mick off as Sylvie's child, Mick is furious and tells both Sylvie and Babe to leave for good. Babe returns to The Vic a few weeks later offering to lend a hand at a busy wedding reception, but Mick's wife Linda Carter suggests it's best she leaves.

Stan acts annoyed but is secretly pleased to see her, and agrees to make up with Tina. Babe is upset when he proposes to Cora Cross , but encourages her to accept the proposal as Stan will never love her. After Stan's death, Babe excludes Cora from his funeral and encourages the rift between Mick and Shirley.

After the funeral and wake, Babe visits Sylvie in the care home and reveals that Stan has died. Sylvie is furious as Babe never allowed her to attend, but every time Sylvie asks her why Babe changed the subject.

After this an angry Babe tells Sylvie that she always has to take things from her and Sylvie calls her jealous and insults her. Babe slaps Sylvie causing her to cry. As Babe leans in to hug her, Sylvie bites Babe's shoulder and threatens to tell the police about the criminal thing she and Queenie Trott had done several years earlier. Babe's attempts to continue the Carters' rift include holding a "make-up" lunch between Mick and Shirley and suggesting to Mick that he buy Shirley out of the pub while she is out of earshot after her son Jimbo's death is brought up, paying a teenager to throw a brick saying rapist through the window of Mick's brother Dean Wicks 's salon and then offering the money to buy out Shirley's share.

Shirley's boyfriend and Mick and Dean's father, Buster Briggs , recognizes the teenager who threw the brick, learns the truth from him and confronts Babe in front of the Carters.

Angry, and realizing that she has made their family problems even worse than they already were, Mick and Shirley force Babe to leave Walford. She threatens Shirley before leaving, warning her to watch her back. When Abi tells Ben she is pregnant when in fact she is not Abi asks Babe what to do, Babe encourages her to get pregnant by with someone else because soon Ben will expect her to start showing. Abi is frightened at this but Babe tells her that if she does not have a baby she will lose Ben.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Backstory Babe Smith was born in about Her departure from the show was announced on September 17th Categories :. She joins the family to assist them in preparation for their karaoke night at their pub, The Queen Victoria.

Babe is close with her niece Tina Carter , portrayed by Luisa Bradshaw-White , and Badland said that Babe has a "soft spot" for Tina and would always try to help her. Badland believed Babe loves Shirley, but would protect herself over Shirley. Badland explained that Babe and Shirley's mother, Sylvie Carter , portrayed by Linda Marlowe , knew this because they covered up Shirley's pregnancy and helped her give birth, which estranged Shirley from Babe.

In her earlier episodes, producers set up a rivalry between Babe and her brother-in-law Stan Carter , portrayed by Timothy West. The reason for their shared hatred was not explained until Sylvie arrived, when it was revealed that Babe was in love with Stan and believed Sylvie stole Stan when they were younger.

Babe attempts to ruin it by bringing Sylvie to see Stan, but they decide to marry nevertheless. Babe is delighted when Stan is physically unable to say his vows, but is devastated when he dies. On 1 August , it was announced that Sylvie would be introduced to the show, but no character details or casting news were announced. Fitzgerald believed that Abi was "easily manipulated by characters who are stronger than her" because she was "very vulnerable".

Babe comforts Abi and Fitzgerald explained, "Abi thinks Babe is looking out for her, and she trusts her".

Babe encourages Abi to tell Ben she is pregnant. Abi attempts to impregnant herself by having a one-night stand with Babe's relative, Lee Carter Danny-Boy Hatchard , following encouragement from Babe to have a one-night stand. Babe saw herself in Abi and she really wanted to help her. This leaves Ben "crushed" when he learns of Abi's miscarriage. Babe regrets her decision and informs Abi, but before she can retrieve the letter, Ben's younger sister, Louise Mitchell Tilly Keeper , intercepts it and blackmails Abi.

She noted that while it "all blew up in Abi's face", Babe "stood back and watched the fireworks. Babe threatens Abi and burns her as a way of keeping her in the clear. Deen included the scene where Babe deliberately burns Abi in her list of "12 times soaps were scarier than any horror movie". On Babe's reasons for revealing the secret, Badland explained, "She's not sure where she stands, but she's desperate to get back inside the family.

She loves Mick so much she wants to be around him. Linda and Mick have hurt her and you mustn't do that Babe can get very upset! However, after she is attacked, Mick and Linda try to fix their relationship with Babe. Of Mick and Linda making amends with Babe, Badland explained, "Although it might appear on the surface the Carters have forgiven her for playing a part in Abi's fake pregnancy lie and encouraging her to sleep with Lee, there could be repercussions further down the line.

Babe frequently clashes with Whitney Carter McGarty. Whitney correctly believes Babe has concocted Abi's pregnancy and confronts her, but Babe threatens to reveal her kiss with Mick so Whitney backs down.

Babe is left annoyed when Whitney fights back against Babe. Speaking to Sarah Ellis of Inside Soap Badland said, "I think she fixes her own car, you see, so I reckon she'd get her boiler suit on and go to work with Phil Producers established a new secret from Babe's backstory in April At the caravan, Shirley exposes Babe's secret and reveals that Babe and Queenie stole the babies of young women to sell.

Babe's baby farming secret was met with shock and disgust by viewers on Twitter. Producers created a new storyline in October when Les Coker Roger Sloman was revealed to the audience as a crossdresser, going by the name of Christine.

Les's wife, Pam Coker Lin Blakley , struggles with this and ends their marriage. Babe witnesses this and steals a half-burnt photograph of Christine. It's as simple as that really. When Les threatens to inform the police about her blackmail, Babe increases the price of the blackmail so Pam tries to appeal to Babe's "better nature". A reporter from Soaplife believed that this would "get Pam absolutely nowhere" because Babe does not have a better side.

Following the death of their grandson, Les and Pam confess their blackmail secret to their friend, Claudette Hubbard Ellen Thomas , who warns Babe to end the blackmail. However, despite Claudette's warnings, Babe continues to blackmail the Cokers. She's a fair match for Babe and it's interesting when they go head-to-head.

In terms of cunning, they said that Babe has it "by the bucketload", while Claudette may be "getting soft in her old age" and may not be "sharp enough to take on Babe". They said that Claudette has a "nasty and murderous" history while Babe's past is "chequered" but she had never killed someone, concluding that Claudette would be the winner of the feud, but still saying that they "wouldn't mess with Babe!

The storyline concludes in episodes broadcast in October when the Cokers leave Walford. A new storyline began in August when Babe became the victim of a revenge attack, having accumulated several enemies over the months leading up to the attack.

The scene where Babe is locked in the freezer received the episode's " duff-duff ". On 18 September , it was announced that Babe would be written out of the series in , having appeared on the show for three years. When the Carter family begin to struggle financially, Babe decides to help by selling alcohol before the allocated hours, despite it breaching The Vic's licensing laws.

Badland explained that Babe "deals with things in the way that she knows how but it doesn't always work out the way that she wants it to". She questioned whether Babe could be "an optimist and doesn't fully consider the damage she can cause. Despite this, they all spend the night in police custody. Babe made her final appearance on 9 February Shirley catches her in the act and announces her actions to Mick.

Babe pleads with Mick for another chance, but when she calls Linda a "stuck-up cow", Mick escorts her out. Daran Little wrote Babe's final episode and Badland said he "really relished and summed up what [Babe] was about. She added, "We all came together and formed this brilliant family which is pretty astounding — we are all very different but that bond that brought us all together was extraordinary.

Badland received two award nominations for her portrayal of Babe, both Inside Soap Awards for "Best Bad Girl" in and respectively.

For her nomination, she was longlisted but did not make the viewer-voted shortlist. She may not have the brute force of Phil Mitchell or the steely determination of Gavin Sullivan , but Babe is not someone we'd ever want to do battle with. Because we are very much Team Coker over here, we'd like to see Aunt Babe brought down a peg or two. And soon. Badland explained in an interview with Lindsay Metro that some fans of the character have cried at her actions and sympathise with her.

Justin Harp of Digital Spy expressed his disgust at this and demanded a "lifelong Queen Vic ban" was handed to her. Morgan Digital Spy disapproved of the Babe's "drawn out" departure and noted that she "lost count" with the amount of chances Mick and Linda provided Babe with. She also described the character as a "poisonous old cow" and a "cruel cook". Its reporter, Kilkelly, warned that viewers could expect to see Babe's "recent bad behaviour" catching up with the Carter family.

Finally, White said that Badland had "used every look and gesture to build up Babe's eccentric personality, and has been able to skip lightly frin dark to hilarious in a hearbeat. Babe has had us in stitches over the years, as well as frightening us silly. Surely you'd be mad to let go of a character that versatile? Annette Badland's roar , as Babe cursed the entire Square, was camp, shameless, preposterous—and soap gold.

We sincerely hope this isn't the last we see of her. Babe's revenge plot is too much fun to waste! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Merchant navy stewardess backstory Baby farmer backstory Drug dealer Pub chef. The next minute, she's inventing a pregnancy, having a special "Mitchell on board" t-shirt made up, and even seducing a random guy to cover her tracks. We know Abi's had her moments, but we bet she'd never have dreamt up half of this stuff if it wasn't for Babe's bizarre influence.

Queenie would send Babe out around the East End like her own ugly Oliver Twist to 'put the frighteners on teenage mums into giving their babies away' — for a profit. She's trying very hard to help Mick — her family is so important to her; she wants to be their mother but she feels she is on the outside. She's never been loved by anyone for all of her life. She's constantly the outsider. She feels that she is their mother, but she has always remained on the peripheral.

The soft-voiced cook with a terrifying mean streak could easily be the star of a horror film, and that's what makes her a classic soap villain. With some of the stunts she's pulled in order to 'make herself feel better' as she puts it, Babe is a better friend than an enemy. And even then Digital Spy.

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Carly's husband Nico Pappas Gerard Monaco appeared for a short stint. Carly made a return on 6 September for two episodes. Her stepfather, Andy Steve North , was also seen in E The Carter family have appeared heavily in the show from , in high-profile storylines including Johnny's homosexuality, the revelation that Shirley is in fact Mick's mother, Linda's rape at the hands of Dean and suffering from bulimia nervosa , Stan's terminal prostate cancer , the domestic violence Tina receives from her partner Tosh, Nancy's epilepsy , Sylvie's Alzheimer's disease , Lee's depression , the revelation that Dean has a daughter, Jade with cystic fibrosis , born after a one-night stand with Shabnam Masood Rakhee Thakrar , and baby Ollie Carter 's accident and potential brain damage.

Several others may be considered Carters through marriage; Linda and Whitney Dean. Stan neglected his family, whereas Sylvie abused Shirley when she was young. Shirley fell pregnant at 14 by Buster Briggs Karl Howman and Sylvie pushed Shirley down the stairs to try to kill the unborn baby; however, she was unsuccessful.

Seeing an opportunity to revive her failing marriage, Sylvie pretended that Mick was her and Stan's son, and he was raised as Shirley and Tina's brother. Sylvie left the family soon afterwards, and Shirley struggled with bringing up her son and her younger sister alone, so she tried to drown Mick in the bathroom.

Stan saved him, but after they took Mick to the hospital, social services took Mick and Tina into care. Shirley grew distant from her father and married Kevin Wicks Phil Daniels.

Carly was the result of a one-night stand named Daniel, but she and Buster reconnected and he also fathered Dean. Kevin raised both children as his own. Shirley disowned Stan after an argument and did not speak to him for 25 years.

Shirley walked out on her children when she divorced Kevin. She did not attend Jimbo's funeral, who died of cystic fibrosis at the age of However she was later drugged and attack by him causing her to be traumatized.

When she was 19 she gave birth to Zsa Zsa Carter Emer Kenny with a man named Mark Reynolds, who was six years her senior, but could not cope with bringing up a child at a young age. She often indulged in alcohol and drugs, leaving Zsa Zsa to bring herself up. Zsa Zsa's father later died. Tina also married a man named Andy, but left him for a man named Miguel and went to Spain. They shared a volatile relationship; Tosh was violent towards Tina.

Tina remained close to Mick without knowing that he is really her nephew, rather than her brother. Mick met a local girl called Linda Peacock Kellie Bright when he was six years old and they went to school together. When Mick is 13, he had did an actions that has cause his friend Stuart to take a blame, leading him to be send to Young Officer Institute. When they were 15, Linda fell pregnant by Mick, which upset her father causing him to kick her out the house.

Shirley burnt down their first pub, which led to Mick being estranged from Shirley and they lived with Linda's mother, Elaine Peacock Maria Friedman.

Shirley is the first Carter to be introduced, in , as the ex-wife of pre-established character Kevin Wicks and mother of his two children, Carly and Deano. Shirley fails to reunite with her family due to her abandonment of them and Jimbo especially. Clement , but has support in her best friend Heather Trott Cheryl Fergison. She continues to try to win over Carly and Deano, but both leave Walford on bad terms with their mother. Shirley eventually begins a relationship with Phil Mitchell Steve McFadden , over their mutual tendency to drink too much.

Zsa Zsa flees her mother and step-father to Walford, and moves in with Shirley and Phil. After Phil becomes addicted to cocaine when his relationship with Shirley ends, Zsa Zsa supports her, but later moves to France, remaining on good terms with her aunt.

Shirley continues to try to help Phil escape his addiction, and they reunite when he manages to do so. She provides a false alibi for him when his uncle and step-father, Archie Mitchell Larry Lamb is murdered, strengthening their relationship. Shirley shows her maternal skills for the first time since she abandoned Deano and Carly in mothering Phil's son Ben Mitchell Joshua Pascoe , as he is neglected by Phil due to being gay. She is devastated when Heather is murdered, and, just as she begins to recover, the discovery that it was Ben that killed her and Phil hid this drives Shirley back to being a mess.

She ends things with Phil, and sees Ben sent to prison for what he has done. To help her mother recover from Phil's betrayal, Carly returns to Walford and reunites with her. She introduces Shirley to her grandson, Jimmy, named for Jimbo, and Shirley departs Walford with her.

Shirley returns but disappears after discovering that Carl White Daniel Coonan caused a car crash that put Phil in hospital.

However, it is revealed that she is staying with Tina. Tina has recently broken up with Tosh as she had been abusing her. They return to Walford. Tina convinces Shirley to visit their estranged brother, Mick, at his pub in Watford, where they clash with Mick's wife Linda. Shirley and Tina move in with them as well, to Linda's chagrin. Mick and Tina as Stan for money but Shirley blames Stan for giving them up as children. However, Shirley is forced to ask for the money herself, and Stan agrees.

Tina reunites with Tosh when she returns to Walford, to Shirley's fury, and eventually moves out of The Vic to live with Tosh. When Stan is ill, he comes to stay at The Vic, to everyone's displeasure. He accidentally starts a fire, but is saved by Lee, who has fled the army after. Mick convinces him to return to the army; on the day before he is due to leave, Lucy is murdered by an unknown assailant see Who Killed Lucy Beale? Lee makes a statement before leaving.

Deano now known as Dean returns, as Stan wants to reunite him with Shirley. He still angry at Shirley and clashes with Mick. Stan pays for him to open up his own salon in Walford, unaware that Dean is planning to scam him and flee.

Stan discovers the plan and stops him, convincing Dean to stay. Dean develops feelings for Linda and overhears a conversation between Mick and Linda, revealing they are not really married. Lee returns from the army. Shirley confesses to Phil that she still harbours intense guilt about her bad relationship with her son.

Phil tries to talk Dean around, only to realise that Shirley means Mick; she is secretly Mick's mother. She discloses to him how her mother, Sylvie, hid her pregnancy and then posed the baby as her own. Tosh ends the relationship, while the Carters demand that Babe dispose of her cannabis.

Babe enlist Dean's help with storing it at the salon, but Shirley discovers their plan and burns the drugs to keep Dean out of trouble. As revenge, Babe threatens to reveal Shirley as Mick's mother, but Shirley pleads with her.

Babe lies to her family that she has not seen Sylvie for years, but actually Sylvie is living with her. Dean makes a move on Linda, but she firmly rejects him. When Shirley shoots Phil and quickly leaves, Dean is comforted by Linda and he rapes her. Linda keeps her rape a secret from Mick. Babe discovers Stan has terminal prostate cancer and reveals this to the family.

Mick and Dean find Shirley to tell her but she refuses to return home. Shirley arrives on Buster's motorbike, revealing her long-standing relationship with Buster. Dean realises that Buster is his father and they begin to bond. Buster is on day release from prison but intends going away with Shirley and Dean. Mick alerts the authorities and police arrive at the pub. Buster is arrested for not reporting back after his day release.

Buster then realises that he is the father of Mick as well. Linda later discovers that she is pregnant, but does not know whether the father is Mick or Dean. Shirley and Mick discover that it was Babe let Tosh think Tina was having an affair, so they confront her but they find Sylvie, who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Mick is upset when Sylvie tells him that she never had a son. Babe and Shirley convince Mick not to pursue a relationship with Sylvie.

Johnny leaves Walford to travel the world with his new boyfriend. Dean reveals to Lee and Nancy that Mick and Linda are not really married. Dean confronts Linda and threatens to tell Mick that her baby could be his if she does not persuade Stacey to reunite with him. She agrees, however Stacey is not interested. Mick proposes to Linda but she declines and reveals that Dean raped her.

Mick reveals the truth to Shirley, who refuses to believe it and confronts Dean, who states that Linda wanted to have sex. Mick violently attacks Dean, but stops when Shirley screams that they are brothers. Mick then throws Shirley out. Linda is devastated to hear Mick telling Stan and Tina that Dean raped her, so she leaves, without her engagement ring.

Mick then completely wrecks the pub and throws all of the customers out, before breaking down. Linda returns the following day with Elaine, and she and Mick rebuild their relationship. They leave for Watford, leaving Lee and Nancy suspicious. Linda decides to report her rape to the police, while Dean continues to tell Shirley lies about how Linda had been leading him on for months. Mick and Linda tell Lee and Nancy the truth. When Lee attacks Dean in the street, they are interrupted when Babe reveals that Stan has collapsed outside the pub while attempting to whisk Sylvie off on holiday.

Shirley reveals to Mick all of the wicked things Stan, Babe and Sylvie did while she was pregnant with him, leading to Mick exiling Shirley and Dean from the family and sending Babe and Sylvie home. Tina attempts to persuade Mick to forgive Shirley as she has always looked after the pair of them, however when Mick tries to talk to Shirley, she ignores him to concentrate on Dean.

East enders babes

East enders babes