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Hairy apples

Hairy apples

Hairy apples

Hairy apples

Hairy apples

Hairy apples Apples!!!! Fill in the three apples with any of the five textures. Apple chat fruit. Arnoldiavol. Helicobasidium mompa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. It has a much-loved flavour and Halry fruit themselves can grow to a huge size — up to a kilogram in weight.

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Forsline had not been to the huge Central Asian country before; with the recent fall of the Soviet Union, this was his first chance to visit its wild forests. It was here, scientists now believe, that the ancestors of the apples sold in supermarkets around the globe originally evolved. Forsline was on a quest to find out what was really out there, in those mountain gardens. In , over 80 million tonnes of apples were produced worldwide. Half of them came from China.

Consumers around the world select from crunchy, slightly sour Granny Smiths or go for a sweet and mushy Red Delicious. But some believe that the forests of Kazakhstan still hold many genetic secrets that could help us create even better apples.

Central Asia, indeed, was the cradle of a key species — Malus sieversii. And in those wild Kazakh forests today, M. The gardeners who look after these crops are a little out of the ordinary — bears who eat the fruit and scatter the seeds in their droppings. Kazakhstan's remote interior is no longer off-limits to Western horticulturists Credit: Getty Images.

Thanks to help from a local guide, Aimak Dzangaliev, the group knew the best places to look. Dzangaliev, now nearly years old, is a botanist in Almaty who for much of his life has been championing the virtues of Kazakh apples. Along the way, they would taste each one and make notes about its texture, colour and flavour as well as the habitat in which it was found. They also carried a GPS device so that the origin of each seed was accurately mapped. Occasionally, the flavours were wonderful.

Forsline tasted apples that had a hazelnut-like flavour. And there were some with an aniseed or liquorice quality. Others who have tasted wild apples in Kazakhstan report fruits that taste vaguely of sweet honey — or even berries.

John Selborne, Earl of Selborne, is a British apple farmer who has managed an orchard in Hampshire, England for 40 years. In , he visited the forests in the Tian Shan mountains near Almaty. Selborne, like Forsline, noticed that some of the trees were curiously free of diseases, like canker or scab, present on others in the area. And there were some growing in surprisingly arid places. Jim Luby at the University of Minnesota is partly responsible for the success of the Honeycrisp cultivar of apples.

In , it was one of the three best-selling apples in America. It has a characteristic sweetness and crunchiness, but is also slightly tart. The Kazakh forests contain a wide range of apples that the West has not yet encountered Credit: Getty Images.

This task alone consumes weeks, but seeds from the resulting fruit in the autumn can be collected, germinated and nourished as they grow into new trees able to produce their own fruit.

That can take five to eight years. And for commercial breeders, the pressures are stark. And when compared to, say, grapes, which are constantly analysed thanks to their importance in the wine-making industry, there is a vast number of unknowns about exactly what compounds are key to making a perfect-tasting apple. This could theoretically help the development of specially flavoured apples bred from the genetic material collected by Phil Forsline and his team.

In the meantime, there are other ways in which Kazakh apples may make an impact on the world market. Cosmonauts returning to Earth near Kazakhstan's Baikonur are given apples to celebrate touchdown Credit: Alamy. Too tangy for eating raw — but ideal for quality cider. And there are also some young Kazakh entrepreneurs who have realised the potential of their local crops. It has a much-loved flavour and the fruit themselves can grow to a huge size — up to a kilogram in weight.

However, after the fall of the Soviet Union, production dwindled. There have been efforts to increase its presence in the local market in recent years, but now two local professionals have acquired a small orchard and have begun marketing their crop on social media. His business partner Timur Takabayev adds that Aport only tastes good when it is harvested late in the season at an altitude of between m and 1,m.

Now there are very few gardens left, and ours is one of them. The trees flowers have to be "sealed" so insects like bees can't pollinate them Credit: iStock. As with the lost Aport gardens, there are now worries that some of the wild ranges where apple trees grow are less well maintained than they were in the past.

Forsline, for one, has heard reports about Kazakh sheep farmers using up the land for their livestock. And who knows — out of that intrepid research, and now perhaps the efforts of local entrepreneurs, we may yet see a revolution in apple breeding thanks to the wonderful specimens of Kazakhstan.

There have been some interesting traits found with the Kazakhstan material that we are trying to capture — Jim Luby, University of Minnesota. There is a vast number of unknowns about exactly what compounds are key to making a perfect-tasting apple. Open share tools. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Sign up to our newsletter. Around the bbc.

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Hairy apples

Hairy apples. Hairy Galleries

Dec 14, Nice work! SomedayAdventure Adventurist Dec 20, Very cool set up. I also made it so mine could go past 90 degrees. Well, I haven't really done much to the trailer lately We are going leaving for Overland Expo in a week, and a few days ago my wife said No argument here!

So we finally got a RTT, and now I'm going to spend the next few days building a lid for the trailer to mount it on. Thank God the cruiser and the trailer are totally ready otherwise. I think two days and I'll have the skeleton for the lid finished, and if I don't have time for the skin, oh well.

I'll finish when we get back. I might have got a bit over eager and unpacked it in our living room Welcome to the club. I cannot go out of state without pulling my trailer. LONG freakin' day today I got the frame all built though, and that was my goal for the day. Tomorrow I'm going to work on the hinges and latches. I found some FJ40 windshield latches that I will use to keep the old school cool feel of the trailer.

Hopefully by the end of tomorrow it can open and close and latch and we can mount the RTT and make sure it's all working well. I might consider trying to get the skin done before the trip if tomorrow goes well.

I'd really love to have it painted and pretty before Overland Expo. That and it would be nice to keep the dust and mud and water out. May 9, Late to the party, but nice trailer! Always been a fan of M's. Looking forward to the completed product! Then the latches tomorrow, finish welding a few things LOTS of sanding and blending and general clean up. I am hoping to still add some gas struts if I can get some in time, but we are leaving Tuesday morning and I don't see that happening. I think I'll be using a 2x4 for this trip.

The latches are FJ40 windshield latches, and fit the trailer nicely. We got the tent on it tonight, and I'm happy with how it's going to work. Too dark for pictures by the time we finished mounting it, but I'll take a bunch tomorrow I'm sure. Best part I can actually SEE the trailer in the mirrors of the cruiser now. Oustanding work! I got some gas struts today, lbs each hopefully is enough.

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Hairy Apples!!!! -

This website is published by Andalucia Com S. Quick links. Hairy Apples!!!! Are you looking for information or help in the garden. Post your agriculture, flora and fauna questions, suggestions and comments here. I have never tasted one but seen hundreds of trees. Keddyboy Never do today what you can leave until tomorrow.

Sounds like the membrillo quince. Re: Hairy Apples!!!! Definitely membrillo. The leaves turn to a gorgeous gold in Winter. But you cant pick them and eat them from the tree. Tasted my first Custard Apple the other day. Tastes like apples and Not bad. Jump to. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 10 guests.

Hairy apples