Things to put your penis in. Things to put on your Dick (safely)

Male readers of the internet crossed their legs and let out a unified grimace of pain when a story made the rounds about a year-old Australian man who got a fork lodged in his dong. While plenty of people who read the report or even worse, saw the pictures had no idea why a person would try to shove anything—especially a rouge piece of cutlery—up his pee slit, those of us who frequent the kinkier side of life know this is a fairly common practice known as "sounding. If you really want an education, search for the term on XTube NSFW, idiot , and revel in a variety of videos featuring guys putting all sorts of junk into their junk. Yeah, it's not really my bag, either. But not everyone is going around putting forks or pencils or other household items up there all willy nilly.

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In a typical questionnaire testing situation, examinees are not allowed to choose which items they answer because of a technical issue in obtaining satisfactory statistical estimates of examinee ability and item difficulty. This paper introduces a new item response theory IRT model that incorporates information from a novel representation of questionnaire data using network analysis. Three scenarios in which examinees select a subset of items were simulated. In the first scenario, the assumptions required to apply the standard Rasch model are met, thus establishing a reference for parameter accuracy. The second and third scenarios include five increasing levels of violating those assumptions.

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Paul Bowles , who has died aged 88, found inspiration from a long association with Morocco and her peoples. His semi-autobiographical novel, The Sheltering Sky, filmed in by Bertolucci, was one of the seminal novels of midth century American fiction, while his musical compositions, lighter in mood, were critical and commercial successes on Broadway. Everybody's there. And St Jean-de-Luz is empty and with an awful climate. The place you should go is Tangier.