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My Cart. How To participate. We want to clean up the hosiery industry and provide a better alternative to the way we create and dispose of modern pantyhose. Please make sure to include your email address in order to receive your discount code. Discount codes are only given to mail-in packages.

Stockings by mail

Stockings by mail

Stockings by mail

Log in Register. Please return again after a while. Type of butting is 4 rings in 1. I crossed Stockings by mail legs to try to keep it in place, without him noticing, but then I had to stay seated until Stockings by mail got up to leave. Story continues below advertisement. In addition, some proofs exist, that shoes were worn over such chausses. Now I realize that not all women can wear stay-ups. Belt is not included to the price. Lindy says:. It was convenient to fit mail armour by taking belts off or drawing them tight.

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By Helen Carroll for the Daily Mail.

  • From sheer hosiery to fashion tights, knee-hi's to trouser socks, in regular and plus sizes, we got your legs covered!
  • A very seductive pair of gloss crotchless tights.
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If the received item has defects or does not fit your parameters, we will make a new item and send it to you at our costs. If postal service lost your parcel, we make a search of it. If parcel could not be found, we make new item at our expenses.

We ship orders via National Postal Service, who carries order to your local post office. Upon shipping, we provide you with tracking number of parcel.

Every product is handcrafted and requires time for manufacture. Approximate time: Gambeson and padded armor — weeks; Costumes and other clothing — weeks; Brigandines — months; Leather accessories weeks; Metal armor — months. Definition: a written assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specifications Examples: the ending of warranty period.

Legs' protection is the same important thing as protection of head and body. From the end of XIV century, mail armour had become to be displaced by plate armour. Type of butting is 4 rings in 1. This item is a custom-made, which means that our crafters use individual body measurements of a client for manufacture. Such type of manufacturing provides with a perfect fit of an item. Similar products.

This padding secures your elbows and knees, supporting and fixingthem mildly during medieval battles or trainings. It is being used together with steel elbow caps and knee caps. Classic medieval padded chausses are acceptable for any type of armour. They provide a good protection for warrior's legs, amortize hits well and do not limit mobility.

This model has leather sole, that makes chausses very comfortable. They are fastened with leather strings to the fabric belt or braies. Chausses together with gambeson make a good set of padded body protection. There are chausses with lacing on the back side of leg and without lacing. Belt is not included to the price. Some models of medieval men' chausses had not only one-piece toe, but footstraps as well, that were making chausses hard-wearing and comfortable.

They are being cut on the bias, that allows to make them rather tight on the legs. There are leather string on the top of the chausses, with what you can fasten chausses to the holes in braies or to the fabric belt. Long cotta will be a perfect addition to the chausses with footstraps. Different fabrics and colours are available for order. Historical similar products. Historical similar Strong and simple arming girdle made to securely hold both the arming chausses and brigandine or plate leg protection.

Choose the type of your medieval hose belt manufacturing: machine one or full hand sewing second one is historically correct and offered for additional costs. As an additional option you can change quan..

Shipping costs will be added to the order price after adding it to the cart and specifying of your location. Delivery price depends on the region and ordered item. Mail stockings - leg's protection is added to cart. Mail stockings - leg's protection Mail stockings - leg Description Legs' protection is the same important thing as protection of head and body.

Blued or stainless steel are also available for order in options. Gambeson and padded chausses will be a great addition to the mail stockings. Price is mentioned for size XS approximate weight of pair is 7 kg. Type of metal. Type of metal: mild steel Free. Chausses with footstraps, X Review about item write a review. Historical similar products Historical similar

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Stockings by mail

Stockings by mail

Stockings by mail

Stockings by mail

Stockings by mail

Stockings by mail. Add more from Wishlist


David Thomas loves stockings | Daily Mail Online

Of all the daft surveys I've read in my time, this one takes the biscuit. How can so many men possibly believe that tights are sexier than stockings? I'm sorry, but I think they're mad. Maybe the poor, deluded fools are just saying what they think a politically correct researcher would want to hear a bit like all those Seventies chaps who suddenly discovered feminism when it helped them get women into bed.

Or perhaps something truly terrible has happened to male sexuality - some ghastly mutation attributable to Baroness Jay's wimmin's unit or too many female hormones in the drinking water. For no man in his right mind can truly be turned on by tights. And the reason why not is contained in a single word: gusset. It's the modern answer to a medieval chastity belt. And that half-mast, mid-thigh position at which it sags by the end of the day is the stuff of nightmare, not fantasy.

Just think about it. When ambitious telly babes or pop starlets do sexy photo-shoots for lads' magazines, do they pose in a mesh of Pretty Polly? I think not. Tights are disgustingly practical. They're hosiery's answer to the flat shoe. Of course, I can see why women set off for work in tights rather than stockings. But every woman knows there are times when practicality is an irrelevance and attraction is all that matters.

That's why God invented high heels. There are also occasions when a lady's underwear may be exposed to view, in situations of a romantic nature, and there are some forms of undressing which cannot be made alluring. There is, as far as I know, no sexy way for a man to take off his socks. And if there is a woman who can be a femme fatale while struggling out of tights, I have yet to meet her.

But stockings - aahhh, that's a different matter. A stocking can be released from its mooring with a snap of a suspender. They can be peeled off, one leg at a time.

Stockings - and here is their real beauty - don't have to be removed at all A man whose heart does not beat faster at the sight - nay, the very thought - of a silky female thigh peeking from a lacy black stocking top is a man who probably collects Judy Garland videos.

Women become ridiculously paranoid about the visible flesh aspect of stockings. They agonise over the bulge of soft flesh that protrudes above a stocking. But here's the thing, ladies: we like the fact your thighs aren't rock hard.

We love the curves, softness and all the amazing ways in which you aren't remotely male. If we wanted to wrap our hands around slabs of pure muscle, we wouldn't fancy girls in the first place.

The very thought that a woman wears stockings casts her in a whole different light. I used to work at a magazine where the chief sub-editor was a brilliantly clever, hard-working woman of a bookish disposition. Then, at a drunken staff lunch, she admitted that beneath her sensible tweed skirts, she always sported stockings, rather than tights. What it all comes down to is this: there are woolly tights, but there are no woolly stockings. And on that, I rest my case. He says: Of all the daft surveys I've read in my time, this one takes the biscuit.

The effect on us men was electric. The office boffin had suddenly become a babe. Click below to review the argument for tights or read another spirited defence of stockings. Share or comment on this article:. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.

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Stockings by mail