Stepford wives myspace icons-The Television Crossover Universe: The Stepford Wives

Tarrytown, NY. His work experience includes positions as Dentist. Chicago, IL. Everett, WA. Fashion Stylist Everett High School the orphanage

Stepford wives myspace icons

Stepford wives myspace icons

Stepford wives myspace icons

Stepford wives myspace icons

Stepford wives myspace icons

Shalmon Radford - stradford At the time Born to Die was released, I wondered who, exactly, it was for. I have become the perfect American girl just like you wanted me toDel Rey seems to be saying, and I'm so lonesome I could die. Tiauna Steadford - Stepford wives myspace icons. Soriano Wonderlane DavidO41 garycunningham. La Chunia Steadford - lachunias.

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Post a Comment. Monday, March 7, The Stepford Wives. Release Date: September Contemporary Setting. Series: Stepford Wives. The Story: A family moves into a new neighborhood where all the wives seem extremely submissive.

Notes: This book is brought in via The Eugenics Wars, which implies that Seven and Lincoln were involved in this story, at least postscript. That crossover brings in this book, but not necessarily the film based on this book, its sequels, or the later remake.

However, for the purposes of the TVCU, I think it may be safer to assume that the film, which was released just three years later, is likely the same events as the book.

So there are many characters in fiction who use the term "Stepford Wife", and those don't count as crossovers because they are usually said sarcastically in using the slang term in reference to the film. Release Date: Setting is March 14, - November 9, Series: Star Trek. The Story: Gary Seven is a human agent of aliens with an interest in protecting Earth from itself and Roberta Lincoln is his human assistant.

A secret project has been created to engineer supermen. One particular product, Khan Noonien Singh, rises above the rest, and makes an attempt at world conquest. Notes: Gary Seven and Khan were both introduced in separate episodes of Star Trek, both having originated in the 20th century. In the story, Roberta refers to an encounter with robot housewives in Connecticut, a reference to the events of the Stepford Wives.

One of the workers at the Eugenics Project is a sallow bug-eyed man called Mr. This is the same Igor pronounced Eyegor from Young Frankenstein. Another worker is Maggie Erickson, engaged to a man named Walsh, which means eventually she would take his name and become Maggie Walsh. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Maggie Walsh is the head of a project that creates super soldiers to capture demons, which she uses to create her ultimate super-soldier, Adam.

There is also a reference to Frankenstein, as in the original version. Other crossovers in the book bring in the above mentioned non-horror crosses. One final issue to bring up is regarding future stories. There are several stories linked to the Horror Universe that take place in the future.

Doctor Who is in and this story brings in Star Trek. Alien is another linked future. Plus, there are plenty of others. And they are all pretty different in portraying how events of the future unfold. I like to think of a timeline as one in which at any point, there is always a now. But looking forward, there is an infinite number of possibilities and thus an infinite number of future timelines, all that branch off of the present day Horror Universe.

Release Date: January 1, [expanded in ] Setting is and in expansion. Non-Horror Crosses: The book has entries, all crossovers. Buy the book. The Story: This is a reference guide to places that people who live within this shared fictional reality could visit. Notes: This list of fictional settings is written under the premise that they are all real places that people could visit. Considering the above crosses, it clearly fits in the Horror Universe.

Note that this brings J. It again ends with the members of the conspiracy being killed. Though I'd like to place this in the main timeline, this likely takes place in the TVCU2 because it features the same characters in a modernized retelling of the same story.

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Stepford wives myspace icons

Stepford wives myspace icons. Quick Facts


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London, England. Lauren Steadford lives in London, England. Online, Lauren goes by the alias MsRochelle Wheeling, IL. We Found Steadford. Jerome Steadford - jsteadford. Steadford Buffong Jr - steadford. Maygan Steadford - maygan.

Tiauna Steadford - tiauna. Lorence Steadford - lorence. La Chunia Steadford - lachunia. Blake Steadford - blake. Tiauna Steadford Profiles - Tiauna-Steadford. Jerome Steadford Profiles - Jerome-Steadford. Madison Stradford - madangel David Stradford - B1GboySwag. Josh Stradford - JoshStrad. Marlin Stradford - ProminentMarlin. Deryk Stradford - Dstrad Shalmon Radford - stradford Danielle Stradford - danimariestyles. Berrett Stradford - BerrettDC. William Stradford - Crookedtimber Orion Stradford - ostrad Michael C.

Stradford - quietdragon Stradford - HLStradford. Troy Stradford - TroyStradford. S - SharonStradford. Laura Stradford - laurastradford. Michelle G. Stradford - mgstradford. DeMarkes Stradford - DemarkesS. Michael Stradford - Lookingforcool. Tiauna Steadford - ti. Steadford Clothing - steadford.

Steadman Ford - steadfordres4. Aimee Steadford - aimeesteadford. Fabian Steadford - fabiansteadford. La Chunia Steadford - lachunias. Dwight Steadford - iamdwightsteadford.

Toyshia Steadford - toyshiasteadford. Steadford Samuels - steadsamuels. Latoya Jenkins-Steadford - ladyjsteady. Ashley Steadford - steadfordashley. Sanithia Steadford - sanithiasteadford. Maynard Steadford - steadford. Angela Steadford - S Bedford - sdbedford. Stradford - stradford. Stefan Ford - texcowgirl Standford - standford. Stratford - rocks63ga.

Steph Ford - stiffels Stratford Upon Avon - stratford. Latoya Jenkins-Steadford - toyajenkins Ashley Pineapple Steadford - steadfordashley. Tiauna Steadford - Tiaunaxo. The Stepford Wives. The Stepford Wives is a satirical thriller novel by Ira Levin. The story concerns Joanna Eberhart, a photographer and young mother who begins to suspect that the frighteningly submissive housewives in her new idyllic Connecticut neighborhood may be robots created by their husbands.

The Stepford Husbands. Stratford, London. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Stratford shown within Greater London. The Stepford Wives film.

The Stepford Wives is a American science-fiction horror comedy film. The Stepford Wives is a American science-fiction horror film based on the Ira Levin novel of the same name. Ed Stafford. He was adopted as a baby by Barbara and Jeremy Stafford, who were both solicitors in Leicestershire. He was educated at Uppingham and was a Cub and a Scout in Leicestershire. Stafford, Queensland.

Stafford is a northern suburb of Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, Australia. Stafford Brisbane, Rock Eisteddfod Challenge. These events are initiated by the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge Foundation, and aim to promote healthy lifestyle choices, StratfordFestival photos on Flickr. Steve Axford. Stafford photos on Flickr.

Mark Stafford. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. Photography By Stafford Woods. Search by Name Please enter a First Name. Please enter a Last Name. Search Tools. Gender Male Female. Lauren Steadford , MsRochelle Carlene Steadford. Email Addresses. Social Profiles. Jerome Steadford Life is like a big puzzle with small pieces.

Maynard Steadford Tucson az Dwight Steadford. Steadford Samuels. Jerome Steadford. Kieran Steadford. Stratford, London Stratford, London. Stafford, Queensland Stafford, Queensland. Photo Albums.

Stepford wives myspace icons

Stepford wives myspace icons